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A study of the national resettlement policy in namibia. This annex describes the elements of a resettlement plan, an abbreviated resettlement plan, a resettlement policy framework, and a resettlement process framework, as discussed in. Land acquisition and involuntary resettlement policy. It also applies to other activities resulting in involuntary resettlement, that in the judgment of the bank, are a directly and significantly related to the bankassisted project. While some aspects of the current safeguards meet these standards and should be retained, other elements of the policy are in urgent need of upgrading if the bank is to ensure that it does not contribute to. The african development banks involuntary resettlement.

It is used in the current context when referring to a voluntary relocation initiated from isolated communities themselves. The resettlement sourcebook forthcoming provides good practice guidance to staff on the policy. The bank group involuntary resettlement policy has been developed to cover involuntary displacement and resettlement of people caused by a bank financed project and it applies when a project results in relocation or loss of shelter by the persons residing in the project area, assets being lost or livelihoods being affected. Subproject proposals for community infrastructure including debris removal or housing repair. Adbs policy on involuntary resettlement was adopted in 1995 and became operational in january 1996. Clarify roles and be more participatory by involving ngos more. In this capacity we present a set of comments on the commission proposal for a regulation establishing a union resettlement framework, published on july 2016. China project case studies adb involuntary resettlement. With pdf merger you can merge your multiple pdf files to a single pdf file in matter of seconds.

To each of our funding partners, we are deeply thankful for your support and for enabling this. National resettlement policy 2 i host community means the inhabitants of the new area or locality, wherein affected persons are allotted land or otherwise proposed to be resettled. This meant that the project aimed to at least restore or improve the. Urban land acquisition and involuntary resettlement. Social development department involuntary resettlement. Resettlement definition of resettlement by the free. Three attempts of resettlement were initiated by the government between 1954 and 1975 which resulted in the abandonment of 300. This policy applies to all components of the project that result in involuntary resettlement, regardless of the source of financing. This report on involuntary resettlement is the first in a series of papers to be published by the worlds bank inspection panel with the aim of drawing on the main emerging lessons from its. Credit unions planning to merge should obtain the advice of a qualified accountant on the. Hoa binh subproject 01 aims to improve and upgrade 9 turbine pump stations, 01 electric pump station and canal system in 10 communes, namely mai hich, phieng ve, xam khoe, thanh hoi, gio nhan, lo son, gia mo, tan vinh, cao phong and tan my of districts, such as luong son.

Involuntary resettlement may cause severe longterm hardship, impoverishment, and environmental damage unless appropriate measures are carefully planned and carried out. Urban land acquisition and involuntary resettlement roquet, bornholdt, sirker, and lukic urban land acquisition and involuntary resettlement linking innovation and local benefits vincent roquet, luciano bornholdt, karen sirker, and jelena lukic directions in development environment and sustainable development. Resettlement operations were largely based on prcs land management law of 1998, the regulations stipulated in 1991 by the government for resettlement in the case of hydrodams, and adbs involuntary resettlement ir policy of 1995. Free web app to quickly and easily combine multiple files into one pdf online. Involuntary resettlement safeguards a planning and implementation good practice sourcebook draft working document november 2012 this working document was prepared by staff of asian development bank. These resettlement technical guidelines are prepared in accordance with the provisions of decree 192 on compensation and resettlement, issued on 7 july 2005, and the implementing regulations on compensation and resettlement issued by the science technology and environment agency, and the national policy no. Involuntary resettlement submission final april 08, 20. Land acquisition and compensation in involuntary resettlement. Involuntary resettlement which entails land acquisition, population displacement and compensation. Involuntary resettlement refers both to physical displacement relocation or loss of shelter and to economic displacement loss of assets or access to assets that leads to loss of income sources or means of livelihood as a result of projectrelated land acquisition 1 or restriction of access to natural resources.

The resettlement plan is developed following a process of consultation with affected people. Involuntary resettlement refers both to physical displacement relocation or loss of shelter and to economic. The scope and level of detail of the resettlement plan vary with the magnitude and complexity of resettlement. Stronger supervision by the bank during implementation. Innovative approaches for involuntary resettlement foreword in sri lanka, as in many other developing countries, there is a growing urgency to come up with creative and sustainable solutions to tackle the twin pressures of infrastructure needs and minimizing the negative impact of involuntary resettlement caused by such projects. Land acquisition and involuntary resettlement introduction 1. Performance standard 5 land acquisition and involuntary. Resettlement framework as member states will be able to request its assistance in coordinating technical cooperation and facilitating the sharing of infrastructure, in accordance with the proposal for establishing a european union agency for asylum. Agreement on resettlement of the population groups uprooted by the armed conflict preamble reiterating their commitment to put an end to the armed conflict through a. It developed out of an earlier new deal agency called the resettlement administration ra. European resettlement consolidation and new protection opportunities 2021 november 2014 btc conference centre espace jacqmotte rue haute 8, bruxelles day 1. The fsa resettled poor farmers on more productive land, promoted soil conservation, provided.

On july 2016, as part of the reform of the common european asylum system and the longterm policy on better migration management, the commission presented a proposal which aims to provide for a permanent framework with standard common procedures for resettlement across the eu, and will complement current national and multilateral resettlement. Emerging resettlement ountries joint support mechanism er m will be operated as a joint venture that aims to enhance resettlement activities undertaken by new and emerging resettlement countries including through harnessing the expertise of experienced resettlement countries and other actors. Recommendations the existing irp should stress that it applies to all projects that are related to land tenure. Performance standard 5 recognizes that projectrelated land acquisition and restrictions on land use can have adverse impacts on communities and persons that use this land. Pdf merger lite is a very easy to use application that enables you to quickly combine multiple pdfs in order to create a single document.

Involuntary resettlement by world bank group publications. President roosevelt created the farm security administration fsa in 1937 to aid poor farmers, sharecroppers, tenant fanners and migrant workers. The forced resettlement of populations in association with the construction of hydroelectric dams, largescale irrigation projects, highways, mines, and urban renewal and metropolitan development has become commonplace today. Pdf voluntary and involuntary resettlement in china. Resettlement for development projects to the general department of resettlement for development projects, upgrading the department of international cooperation and debt management to the general department of international cooperation and debt management, and establishing the department of information technology audit under the ministry of economy. Abbreviated resettlement action plan 7 executive summary 1. The extent and the implications of such forced relocation are diverse and variable, depending on the nature of the project and. Free online tool to merge pdf files pdfcreator online. The nrp is part of the national land policy nlp, which has been implemented in this country since independence in 1990. The policy requires that involuntary resettlement be an integral part of project design, dealt with from the earliest stages of the project cycle.

Definitions and applicability resettlement refers both to physical displacement relocation or loss of shelter and to economic displacement loss of assets or access to assets that leads to loss of income sources or. The handbook describes the resettlement process and operational requirements within the banks project cycle. Resettlement plan a timebound action plan, with budget, setting out resettlement strategy, objectives, entitlement, actions, responsibilities, and monitoring and evaluation measures. Land acquisition and resettlement first for sustainability.

For these reasons, the overall principles for this framework are the following. Inventory of bankfinanced projects triggering the involuntary resettlement policy 19902010. European resettlement consolidation and new protection. Involuntary resettlement refers both to physical displacement relocation or loss of shelter and to economic displacement access to resources for income generation or means of livelihood due to land acquisition including rightsofway associated with a clientsinvestees operations. Involuntary resettlement development project results in unavoidable resettlement losses that people affected have no option but to rebuild their lives, incomes and asset basis elsewhere. A community guide to the adb involuntary resettlement safeguards was researched, written and field tested in 2010. The project was supported by oxfam australia, mcknight foundation, norwegian peoples aid npa and open society institute osi. Magnitude of the resettlement impacts outcomes of the resettlement measures taken in each project, including. Technical guidelines on compensation and resettlement. Whether you need to split a pdf into several different single files or split its pages in a certain interval, all you have to do is upload the pdf file and select the. In particular, taking of land and related assets may take place only after compensation has been paid and, where applicable, resettlement sites and moving allowances have been provided to the displaced persons. The interpretations and contents herein do not necessarily reflect the views of.

This framework puts forward a procedural guide for reseftlementland acquisition, against the. December 2001 page 3 of 9 the world bank operational manual op 4. Introduction we acknowledge the important efforts of the european commission, in bringing forward this proposal, to further strengthen and harmonise resettlement across member states. Success or failure of resettlement also depends on early, effective, and successful integration. Revised national resettlement policy, 2018 2027 under the national resettlement programme, the government targets to acquire and distribute 5 million hectares of commercial agricultural land and of this target 5 commercial. Katcha a house is considered katcha, if both the walls and roof of the house are made of material that includes grass, leaves, mud, unburnt brick or wood. The context of linear resettlement 299 linear projects and their corridors of impact 300 roads and highways 300. Project description and justification the project will involve the construction and maintenance during the defects liability period of approximately 80 km trunk sewers and 221km of lateral sewers within nairobi county. Resettlement in newfoundland and labrador terms refers to an organized approach to centralize the population into growth areas. Policy on involuntary resettlement asian development bank.

Resettlement action plan for amugulangebudouge class iii port highway the final draft inner mongolia autonomous region communications department june 2004 public disclosure authorized public disclosure authorized public disclosure authorized public disclosure authorized. Joost jongerden has written that the law constituted a policy of forcible assimilation of nonturkish minorities through forced and collective resettlement. European commission proposal for a regulation establishing. Land acquisition, involuntary resettlement and economic. This study examines the sample projects in the following areas. It is not an exhaustive nor definitive treatment of the issues. This handbook is intended to complement the banks policy on involuntary resettlement approved by the banks board in november 1995. This annex describes the elements of a resettlement plan, an abbreviated resettlement plan, a resettlement policy framework, and a resettlement process framework, as discussed in op 4. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Dpwh has formulated the land acquisition, resettlement and rehabilitation policy, hereinafter called as the resettlement policy, to govern mmurtrip projects relative to land acquisition, compensation, and resettlement of projectaffected persons paps and vulnerable communities. This resettlement policy will aim to achieve the following. During the period of this deferral, credit unions may continue to simply combine add together the financial statement components of the two merging credit unions. Under some circumstances, poorly executed involuntary resettlement may leave the client exposed to legal action.

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