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Explanation the purpose of this handbook is to establis h policy and provide guidelines to ensure that postal service drivers. Usps handbooks and manuals american postal workers union. The maximum time required for controlled driving on the large truck skills course is 3 hours for each type of vehicle. By the time i took the driving test, i was very well prepared. Along the lines of what happened to shafted, my first po had postal. Last week i did 3 days of training at rural carrier academy. The 3 days of oreintation were a lot alot of information and reading. Usps oreintation, shadow day and llv training duration. Training time required for controlled driving on the delivery skills course. Yesterday was my shadow day and then they are giving me 24 hours of on the job training. Mooney cdl training revised alley dock with two free pullups for tractor trailers and semi trucks. Obey all state and local traffic laws and postal service driving policies. During the tests, which totaled 24,000 miles in all, officials challenged the.

Might as well ask for demand llv driver training as one never knows when an llv might be assigned to the office. I have been driving an llv almost daily since they were introduced and frankly, like them. If a package qualifies for the usps delivery instructions service, you can tell usps where to leave a package at your address, send it to a different address, or send it to your post office. Usps should allow at least 2 days of 8 hour training so people can get used to driving a vehicle that they never drove in they live. They may or may not curve the llv to meet a mailbox as they approach it. I cant tell you what the road test is like because its very different and more thorough than what i went through before getting hired, and again when we switched to the llv.

Postal service delays new mail truck choice to 2020. However, mail drivers get into accidents just the same as any other driver. Following the cca academy, i was then scheduled to undergo the llv driver s training approximately one week later and instructed to report to my office in the meantime. Then you will have 1 day of defensive driving course, and 1 day of llv drivers training if using a postal vehicle for work.

The standard training program for city letter carriers is the result of collaboration between many stakeholders including the national association of letter carriers nalc, delivery operations support. Standard training program for city letter carriers contract talk by the contract administration unit t he standard training program for city letter carriers has been rolled out nationwide. Video footage of long live vehicle testing performed in laredo, texas in 1985. Correspondence, memorandums, reports, and other records relating to the availability of training and employee participation in postal or non postal training programs. In fy 2015, the postal service formed a joint human resources and operations team to evaluate turnover. Find information on our most convenient and affordable shipping and mailing services. Training process consists of 2 day general orientation. Next to the drivers seat is a big sliding tray where you put the mail, and. Subsequently, the postal service created initiatives for fy 2016 to reduce turnover and improve training. Defensive driving courses are available through the national safety council and a number of other organizations e. He is statecertified to run the national safety councils defensive driving course, and he helped develop the postal services national driver training.

Noncareer employee turnover usps office of inspector. Postal service readying production contract for new mail truck. Cca bootcamp what to expect during your brief but brutal letter. United states postal service external publication for job posting 86915475 if this job requires qualification on an examination, the number of applicants who will be invited to take or retake the.

Effective august 30, 2007, handbook el804, safe driver program, is revised to. Standard postal training for driving the longlife vehicle involves. Safe driver programtransmittal letter handbook el804 june 20 transmittal letter a. General safety rules include, but are not limited to the following rules. In fy 2015, noncareer employee turnover cost the postal. Reflect changes to the training requirements for and responsibilities of the onthejob instructor change references to personnel services, and employment or personnel office to human resources to reflect postal. I threw together oreintation, shadow day and llv training into one video.

As a member of the safety committee at my office, i went through it so our office could meet osha standards. Hello friends, here is the old post office truck and what is inside it and a quick walk around it. To prepare you for your upcoming drivers training, you will also be shown a goofy. Therefore, some of these may not be the most recent published edition. Just decided to come back 10 days later to write that i passed llv and promaster training. If your husband is a reasonably good driver, hell pass no problem. In my area, ri, they gave us about 2 2 12 hrs to drive around an enclosed training area with cones. Lastly you will be required to complete 3 days of on the job training.

People who say they have failed and dont know why are probably notverygood drivers who are oblivious to their own horrific driving. The agency is providing only the scantest details but in late. Rural carriers could also use a side sliding window or a push flip window that could be popped into place when driver window is down to help keep the driver cool and dry, this one is a big one in places like florida with high heat and heavy rain, a lot of the problem with llv. Like the older postal service jeep dj5, the grumman llv features a righthanded driver s position, in contrast to the typical lefthand drive position of vehicles in north america. Before i even started working at the post office, i heard these trucks were.

Arrest made in shooting death of dallas postal worker. This is a revision of handbook po603, rural carrier duties and responsibilities. Officers went to the scene and found the driver inside a usps box truck had been shot. Its called the llv, which stands for long life vehicle and it, along with. Not the driver safety part, where you watch a bunch of videos and have a classroom session. While we make every effort to keep this page up to date, the postal service updates their handbooks and manuals constantly. Is it hard passing the usps driving test for the cca. Post your thoughts and opinions here about current postal employee topics. Your life belongs to the postal service, cca maggot. This is the official service manual that the dealers and shops. Heres what its like to drive a grumman llv mail truck every day. Gregory started his training career as a carrier academy instructor. Handbook po603 rural carrier duties and responsibilities.

Usps orientation, shadow day, and llv training youtube. First and foremost, if youre hurt by a truck owned by the united states postal service, your legal case is 100% different than a case against a privatelyowned carrier like fedex or ups. Postal services need to replace its delivery vehicles just might get all heads nodding. Just stone cold silence while they analyze my ability. Postal service drivers are required to comply with the following if you operate a motor vehicle as part of your duties, then you must have a valid, current state driver s license in your possession while driving the vehicle. If you operate a vehicle requiring a commercial driver s license cdl, you must inspect and test the vehicle in accordance with. Lastly you will be required to complete 3 days of on the job training with a rural carrier from your assigned station. They did a training portion on the street before they did the drivers test.

Safety if you drive for the postal service, you must have a state driver s license. Then my instructor took me out on the street for about an hour. Usps oreintation, shadow day and llv training youtube. Given package volume growth, the postal service needs vehicles with increased cargohandling capacity to.

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